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This forum provides you, dear learners, an opportunity to share your concerns and issues regarding the use of LENS. 
Posting in this forum may be in the form of inspirational messages, comments and feedback about teaching and learning with LENS, and your best experiences shared. Problems and queries are likewise appreciated. However, please take note of the following:
  1. Commentaries that are unnecessary or uses unpleasant word/s will be reviewed and/or deleted.
  2. Suggestions to further aid you in teaching and learning will be much appreciated.
  3. Personal data and/or information should not be shared at all times. 
  4. As much as possible, no name-dropping for negative comments.
  5. Make your share by giving support to those in need of technical assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on LENS Usage

Question: I used a Moodle application via mobile phones. I have issues logging in. What will i do?
Answer: Update your Moodle app and login again to gain access of your account and courses.

Question: I have an updated Moodle app in my phone, but I still have issues logging into my account. What will i do?
Answer: Use a web browser to access LENS. Recall and sign-in with your correct account details. 

Question: I just enrolled this semester but I cannot see any course assigned to me. What will I do?
Answer: Courses are available commonly for self-enrollment with a key or not. Click on your College->Program-> Year Level. Referring from your enrollment form, click the course and enroll yourself. Reach out your teacher about self-enrollment key and other details.

Question: How could I get access to a course that were previously taken last semester?
Answer: Access them thru your dashboard. If they are hidden, seek assistance from your teacher. 

Question: I forgot my account details due to lost or new phone. I tried logging in via a web browser. What will I do?
Answer: Request for an account review. The LENS Administrator will provide you details. Email misofficeaparri@csu.edu.ph.

Question: I want to change my course submission or output. Can I still revert those.
Answer: Yes, please make a formal request to your subject teacher.


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