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Enrollment to LENS

by CSU-LENS Aparri -

Blissful day ka-LENS,

Incoming first year students for the School Year 2021-2022 will have to take the LENS Orientation Webinar on a scheduled date. Access to the courses will be allowed only when your account has been properly created. 

  • September 6-7, 2021 University Student Orientation
  • September 8-9, 2021 Campus Intensive Orientation

Old students may still access their previously taken courses. While some courses are open, please be advised to reach out your teachers when making submissions.  Courses that will not be offered this semester shall be hidden to avoid confusion. 

Please let us be guided accordingly.

Academic Relief Week and Schedule of Midterm Exam

by CSU-LENS Aparri -

Dear Learners,

Be informed of the Academic Relief Week on April 5-8, 2021. Learners requesting for documents are advised to transact online to direct office/s concerned. No midterm exams shall be administered in this week.

Midterm examinations will be scheduled per College as follows:

  • Teacher Education and Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences - April 12
  • Information and Computing Sciences - April 13
  • Criminology and Industrial Technology - April 14
  • Hospitality Management - April 15
  • Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy - April 16

With the alarming increase of COVID19 cases in the locality, always stay safe at home and strictly follow IATF protocols.

Concerns and queries relative to your courses may be directed to the Dean. Thank you.

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